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Multi Purpose Skincare - Is It A Thing?

Multi Purpose Skincare - Is It A Thing?

Multi purpose skincare, is it really a thing?

Yep, it totally is!

With busy lifestyles, the evolution of the beauty industry and comprehensive skincare needs colliding, multi purpose skincare products are the end result.

And we think they are pretty awesome.

Get the lowdown on what they are, how they work and how they can make your life easier here.

What Are Multi Purpose Skincare Products?

A multi purpose skincare product is a single skincare item that performs more than one function - hence the name, multi purpose. So, for example, a moisturiser with anti-ageing or suncare properties would be considered multi purpose as it is one product that does more than one job, so would a BB cream or a hydration sheet mask.

These products have come to the market because they are in demand. With busy lifestyles and a desire to simplify complicated skincare routines, people are looking for practical solutions.

They are formulated to save time and reduce the number of steps in your skincare routine by addressing multiple skincare concerns at once or performing several different functions. Not only can they simplify your morning routine, but they can save you money and reduce clutter in your bathroom cabinet!

The Benefits Of Multi Purpose Skincare

Imagine a product that can moisturise, protect and enhance your skin all at once! While it sounds like a magic serum, it’s really just known as a multi purpose skincare product. Designed to tackle multiple skin concerns, multi purpose products combine the benefits of several items into one.

This makes them perfect for busy bees and minimalists alike. Here’s why:


Less is more! When you use multi purpose products, you literally have fewer products in your routine. That cuts down the clutter on your bathroom shelf and simplifies your daily routine without sacrificing any of the goodness your skin needs to glow.


If you can invest in one product that does the same job as three or four others then you are saving yourself money! It makes your skincare routine more budget friendly in the short and long term.


Multi purpose products are an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. Less products purchased means less packaging, so less waste is generated. And, if you select a product with sustainable packaging also, you are doing double time on protecting the environment.


Using fewer products in your regular routine can reduce the risk that your skin will react negatively. You minimise the chance of product build up which can cause unnecessary breakouts, redness and irritation. You also ensure that your skin benefits from consistent and nourishing ingredients.

Travel Friendly

Instead of awkwardly trying to decant small portions of each product into small travel sized containers, you can simply take all your products with you as they will all be able to fit into your toiletry bag! Perfect for travel and being on the go, fewer products save space in your travel bag.

Are There Drawbacks?

Like any product, there can be drawbacks if you don’t find the right multi purpose product for you. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Broad Application: Because multi purpose products are designed to address multiple things, they may not necessarily address specific skin concerns effectively. To avoid this, choose a products with quality ingredients and check the reviews to ensure people are getting good results from it.
  • Ingredient Conflicts: Different skin concerns require different active ingredients to treat. Combining multiple active ingredients in one product can lead to those ingredients neutralising each other’s effectiveness or causing irritation. Make sure you choose a well formulated product to avoid this from happening.
  • Lack of Efficiency: Have you heard the saying - Jack of all trades, master of none? When you are dealing with multi use products, don’t fall into the trap of selecting one that is trying to do too much, so does nothing at all! Choose products that have clear advantages and isn’t trying to change the world in one moisturiser!
  • Sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin, you may find yourself reacting to one or more of the components in a multi use product. It can be hard to pin point which one is causing the issue when there are a number of different ingredients.

How to avoid negative reactions:

There are a couple of ways you can check that a multi purpose product is going to be right for you. Try these steps:

  • Choose a reputable brand that is known for excellent products (like summer + bloom)
  • Read the reviews from people who have used the products already; pay special attention to any mentions of your specific skin concerns such as sensitive, dry or oily skin.
  • Do a patch test to ensure it is not going to cause your skin irritation
  • Review the ingredients list to check that the product suits your skin type
  • Pay close attention to how your skin reacts to the product over time

Looking For The Right Skincare

At summer and bloom, we believe in the power of multi purpose skincare products. Each of our products will help to prolong the summer glow all year round. So, if you are looking for excellent multi purpose skincare products, you are in the right place!

These are some of our favourites:

Cleanse Me - Our hydrating everyday cleanser performs double duty by acting as a cleanser and toner. It gives your skin a deep cleanse, unblocking clogged pores and removing makeup while preserving your skin's barrier and preparing it for the next stages of your skincare routine.

Day Dew - A rich nourishing cream moisturiser that is powerful enough to hydrate your skin, but gentle enough to use each day. As well as moisturising, it also has long-term ongoing firming effects to improve your skin’s elasticity and texture. While it hydrates, it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles for nourishing anti-ageing effects.

Bounce Back - Science meets nature for the ultimate combination of skin hydration and recovery. Able to be used as a moisturiser, but also a refreshing and ultra-hydrating recovery gel, Bounce Back restores your skin to optimal hydration levels. It also helps to prevent skin damage from UV and heat, maintaining your lipid barrier.

Derma Boost - A sophisticated moisturiser, Derma Boost is designed to prevent and repair fine lines and wrinkles either as a special occasion product or everyday use. By using Derma Boost regularly, your skin will appear rejuvenated, plumper and smoother.

Our entire range is designed for simplicity and effectiveness. You can browse all of our products on our website, or reach out to our friendly team with any questions about which products might be right for you.

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