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Understanding Skin Cycling And How It Impacts Your Skin

Understanding Skin Cycling And How It Impacts Your Skin

Skin cycling - TikTok sensation or legit skincare solution?

Last year, TikTok blew up with the concept of skin cycling. Everyone was talking about it.

So, is it something you should be adopting?
Let’s explore what skin cycling is and if it is the right move for your skincare regime.

What Is Skin Cycling?

As the name suggests, skin cycling is about taking a cyclic approach to your skincare routine. The thought process behind it is that you should use different products on different days to regenerate your skin and improve its quality.

Inspired by the concept of a workout routine where you focus on different aspects of exercise each day, then give your body a rest day, skin cycling suggests you follow a four day cycle where you alternate the products that you use.

That cycle consists of:

  • Day 1: Exfoliation - removes the top layers of dead skin
  • Day 2: Retinol - encourages cell production and improves skin texture
  • Day 3: Hydration (rest day) - gentle products to rest your skin
  • Day 4: Hydration (rest day) - gentle products to rest your skin

Once you have completed one cycle, you go back to the top and start the four day cycle again until you feel your skin is rejuvenated. This should take around a month and a half. The skin cycling routine should be undertaken in the evening so that the powerful ingredients have time to really do their thing overnight.

Is Skin Cycling Legit?

The idea of Skin Cycling was developed by New York dermatologist, Whitney Bowe. She wanted to simplify skincare so created a routine that allowed her clients to utilise powerful products like exfoliants and retinol without irritating or inflaming the skin.

Skin cycling is meant to balance the potency of two potentially irritating ingredients with skin recovery time. The idea is, following the four-day cycle focuses on using one active ingredient at a time for maximum results.

It teaches your skin to have a tolerance for these products so that you can extract the benefits from them without the negative drawbacks of irritation.

Should You Be Skin Cycling?

Skin cycling does have potential benefits, but like all skincare trends, it may not work for everyone.

If your skin is already in a routine, then beginning cycling could disrupt it and result in skin irritation. Also, if your skin needs consistent treatment then cycling through different products could make your skincare products less effective overall.

Finally, if your skin suffers from breakouts then you may find that skin cycling isn’t suitable for you as the products you have been using to treat irritation may not be as effective if you don’t use them every day.

So, who can benefit from skin cycling?

Well, if you have experienced skin irritation or side effects from using powerful skincare products in the past, skin cycling might be a solution for you. It can also help you to strip back the number of products you use.

Using Skincare Wisely

There will always be skincare fads that come and go. While skin cycling can be potentially beneficial for your skin, if you have an existing routine that works for your skin, then stick to it!

It’s also important to remember that your skin will go through a natural monthly cycle. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone all play a part in this hormonal process and you will find that this can impact your skin. Don’t mistake hormonal skin fluctuations for product irritation!

Estrogen is dominant in the first half of your monthly cycle and that’s when your skin is likely to look plump and hydrated. As you enter the second half of your cycle progesterone amps up, stimulating the production of sebum, sometimes causing an oily appearance and breakouts. Testosterone is constant throughout your cycle, but at the points where your estrogen and progesterone levels dip, it can be the culprit for even more oil production, contributing to breakouts during your period.

Knowing this natural cycle occurs can help you understand when your skin will need a bit more hydration and when it might be oilier.

Choosing The Right Skincare For You

When it comes to skincare, there have always been everyday products and some you use less frequently to give your skin a boost. Only you will know if skin cycling is going to be potentially beneficial for your skin.

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