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Should You Have A Daily Skincare Routine?

Should You Have A Daily Skincare Routine?

Did you know that the skin is your body's largest organ?

And, that organ needs just as much looking after as any other part of your body, like your joints and your heart. But most people don't think too much about how they look after their skin.

Even if they know they should be looking after things, the huge range of products on the market is enough to confuse and put off many people.

Should you choose natural? Should you go via brand? What if something that worked for your friend doesn’t have the same results for you?

We understand. The choices are overwhelming.

But a regular skincare routine has many benefits, even if you do just a few basic things each day.

So, let’s look into why having skincare routine every day is beneficial and how you can choose the right products for you.

Should You Have A Daily Skincare Routine?

3 Benefits Of A Regular Skincare Routine

There are heaps of reasons why a regular skincare routine can really benefit your body and mind. Here are our 3 favourite reasons:

Keep your skin healthy

The most basic benefit of a regular skincare routine is that it keeps your skin healthy. Even basic cleansing helps to remove the dirt that builds up on your skin, blocking pores leading to dull-looking skin and potential breakouts.

Slow down the signs of ageing

Daily skin care helps to keep your skin hydrated and can result in firmer, plumper skin with a more even tone. It can also slow down the signs of ageing by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes and mouth. And if you start a good skincare routine early - in your 20s or 30s - you'll leave your skin in better condition to deal with changes as you get older.

Improves your mental health

Taking care of your skin is taking care of yourself, and that is one of the most important factors of good mental health. Plus, feeling as though you look good can really boost your confidence. Spending just a few minutes each day to do something that renews your body can also help to renew your soul.

Your Essential Everyday Skincare Products

Right, so we know that a regular skincare routine is good for your body and mind. But, how regular should that routine be? Should you use skincare products every day?

Well, the answer is yes, but not all of them.

Using too many products at once or the wrong combination can be counterproductive and irritate your skin. There are some products that most definitely should be included in your daily routine but others should be used less often.

Let’s look at what those daily products should be.

Daily Products

You should use three products every day as part of your skincare routine:

Cleanser - If you do nothing else, you should wash your face with a cleanser at least once a day. A gentle cleanser can help clean away the dirt, grease and traces of make-up (or other products) without removing too much moisture from your skin.

Moisturiser - Whatever your skin type, you need a good moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and supple and to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

SPF protection - In New Zealand and Australia's sunny climate, it is also a good idea to add some sun protection to your morning skincare routine to help protect against sun damage.

Products To Use Less Often

Masks - face masks are a great way to give your skin an extra boost while also giving you a chance for a bit of me time. The benefits of masks should last for several days afterwards, so you only need to use them once a week or so.

Exfoliators - Used too often, exfoliators and scrubs can leave the skin feeling rough and prone to irritation. It's best to use them only once or twice a week to remove dead skin.

Special treatments - Special products like spot treatments should only be used when you need them, such as when you have a skin flare-up.

Get Your Daily Skincare Routine Sorted With A Bloomer Bundle

Starting a daily skincare routine can feel daunting. But it's easy to get the hang of, especially if you keep it simple to start with. If you are new to skincare, our Bloomer Starter Bundle makes it easy to get started.

The bundle contains two of our most popular products that can be used daily in the morning or at night. Our Cleanse Me hydrating facial cleanser helps to clean your face while hydrating, nourishing and brightening your skin. And our Day Dew hydrating moisturiser replenishes your skin's moisture barrier and adds nourishment to protect against premature ageing.

These two products will set your skin well on its way to being soothed and nourished every day, all year round.

Shop for the Bloomer Starter Bundle online or get in touch if you have any questions.

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